1. I had the weirdest dream..awkward

    I dreamt about you last night. And you left again… Why do you always leave? What do I keep doing wrong? … Now I feel blue and it is not the weather, its you… You’re toxic but I can’t get over you

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  2. gqfashion:

"Gentlemen, get yourselves a Fairbault blanket." (via @jimmooregq)


    "Gentlemen, get yourselves a Fairbault blanket." (via @jimmooregq)

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  3. Clueless in sephora

    I just bought myself two new tailored suits for work, the’re currently at the alteration shop, i had to ask them to shorten the pants coz it was too long. i ended up paying 400 dollars since it was a buy one get one free event and I had a discount since a friend works at the store. Thank God I still had a size for the charcoal Kenneth Cole suit. Went to buy a pair of double monk strap leather shoes to go with the two new suits.

    I also spent a lot on cosmetics even though I don’t wear any. It was for my sister and mom. I spent 3 hours in sephora, trying to figure out what the heck was the shade or item they wanted but yeah i ended up spending a lot there too but its worth it since my sister and mom are both special to me :D

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  5. Borrowed this pic from a friend :) i miss you mom, happy valentines! I love you

    Borrowed this pic from a friend :) i miss you mom, happy valentines! I love you

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  6. A post for my friends since fifth grade

    Hello ladies! So recently, nizrhane had her BSB fever (and if you were not born in the 90s, you probably dont know who the BSB boys are). So yes going back to the post, nizzie was listening to BSB songs and so I put my iheartradio app on the 90s frequency and i started hearing songs by BSB, spice girls, NSYNC, 911, etc… And yes it made me laugh so hard because I remembered a lot of memories. Let me name my top memories for those 3 grade levels…

    Fifth grade:

    1) ok i was a new student in 5th grade. During the first few days, I bought my food from the vending machines at gate 1 because I never had vending machine experiences at St. Paul Pasig.

    2) i was a lesbian (in the closet), now im out! I was gonna start over in this new school and be a girl - a straight one. But it backfired on me coz during the “miting de avance” (did i spell it correctly?) there she was… The girl from frideswida… You girls know who she is. Everyone knew who she was since prep… My first crush in the school but i was not in love with her.

    3) during recess and lunch time, i would shoot hoops alone in that old gym with 6-8 courts and a volleyball court in the middle.

    4) we spoke to each other in corridors lol, especially the one in front of ehrentrudis hall til the stairs that reached the extension to the science lab across frideswida (lol) but we werent close here yet, just acquaintances.

    5) who remembers the baguio trip??? Hahahahaha I cried for my dear mommy hear to pick me up from baguio to manila coz i was the only one in my class who was able to join the batch trip. I didnt know anyone and everyone else knew almost each other since prep. So yes after 3 days, i cried so hard that ms yambao and ms joaquin had to call my mom and let me talk to her. In the end i stopped crying coz my mom said i would be home in 2 days and i can eat all he peanut brittle from good shepherd

    6) my first school play: little women by louisa may alcott… I played laurie laurence. Why did we have a play? I have no idea but some people said it was because of the “slashing” and also the time almost half of the class ate the fertilizer that looked like nerds candy out of fun (who started it? i dont know)

    Sixth grade:

    1) first year i played for basketball varsity. I still didnt understand the game then. All i knew was that the ball had to go through the hoop, that there’s a 3 second clock in the paint, that i should dribble and hold on to the ball hahahaha

    2) i had the biggest bag in class coz i always had my books, notebooks, and the following items:
    -2 light colored shirts
    -1 reversible jersey
    -2 small towels to wipe my sweat off
    -2 pairs of socks
    -my nike slippers (for after practice)
    -my huge pair of basketball shoes that already took 1/4 of the bag space

    Then if i had girl scout meetings, i had to have my first aid kit etc in the bag too

    3) midsummer night’s dream play

    3.1) played lysander. Had so much lines to memorize. I still know my lines, just not in the right order

    3.2) the four lovers (lysander hermia, demetrius helena), didnt have chemistry with each other until we had to do this thing where we had to look into each other’s eyes and speak to each other without talking… And oh we had to hold our partner’s hands.

    3.3) before i forget… Girl fom frideswida became my classmate here… Holy sh*t i always smiled at her. Always asked her questions coz she was smart… She was part of the honor roll haha.

    3.4) almost valentines, who remembers girl from frideswida? I still had a crush on her and i figured i would ask her… “Can you be my valentine?” In front of her friends. Biggest mistake of my life that time, i never got an answer coz i just ran for it… I ran out the room, and i never wanted to show my face to her or her friends ever again…

    4) i was able to smuggle cans of beer in the school. During the graduation practice for the accelerated girls and 7th graders, i drank until i was crying coz girl from frideswida was gonna be in high school. Ylva brought me home here. But to her house and not mine. I ended up sleeping over and this was also the time where ylva and her family always made me feel welcome. This was the year that they invited me and alex alagel to come with them to the beach. We still fit in the back of a truck back then (with the turtletop cover and an airbed inside) hahahaha

    5) after midsummer night’s dream production, a number of students started having crushes on me - they said i looked nice with the beard (of course i was thin and fit back then). It didn’t help that i was part of the varsity so the more attention i got especially from lower batches.

    Seventh grade:

    Best year of my life. I would go back anytime, over and over again. This was the golden age of my life. Stress-free, problem-free… All i had was school, basketball, friends…

    1) This was where I made a lot of mistakes when it came to my love life. I was a huge jerk and I’m sorry about that. This was when I fell in love for the first time but I was a sissy when my feelings for her was becoming serious. I ended up hurting her by breaking up with her (because I was afraid of the new feeling) 

    2) I loved playing the role of the monk in Ora et Labora, Ylva and I fought in slow motion and it was funny as heck. Nizrhane was a barbarian if I’m not mistaken. 

    3) I also had fond memories of Nizrhane’s BSB fanfics (HAHAHAHAHA) 

    4) I let loriel borrow my varsity jacket most of the time because she was always feeling cold. But of course, “SOMEONE” spread the rumor saying that me and loriel were a couple and had a thing. WTF we are just friends hahahaha

    5) I also enjoyed the Ora et Labora practices with Ms. Perez and Ms. Camu. “Benedictine Refinement” “Like a star, in the darkness of night, benedict of nursia, brilliantly shines, a glory not only to italy but of the whole church…” HAHAHAHAHAHA :))))))))))))

    6) I was also the assistant chairperson for the commission on elections (comelec) and I enjoyed “cutting classes” with the other comelec members by pulling them out of class using the intercom at the principal’s office and pretend that we are doing inventory of ballot boxes and ink pads at the art room but we are just really bumming around until election day hahahaha 

    Ok I am being talkative now, hahahaha I should stop. I’m gonna post more next time. 


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  7. Hmmmm

    First post for 2014.

    I apologize for the negativity but this year has been terrible for me so far. The only nice thing that happened so far is that my dad and I went to a train show to look around and The sad part is I was disappointed in the end coz the Hogwarts Express Train was nowhere to be found.

    My friends are all in manila, one in san francisco, one in NJ. Got no one here besides 2-3 people at work who I only talk to at work. Most of the People I meet are either self centered or just plain irrational. People in school are attached to their devices that you cant have a decent conversation. Cant really go out and enjoy because I am saving my car’s gasoline and want to avoid spending even for a movie because I have to pay school fees and my personal bills. I cant even afford rent coz my salary is so freakin low.

    Books and tuition and software licenses that are not free is making me broke. Books range from 200-300 dollars each and i need them every 2 months coz my subjects change every 8 weeks! Friends think I’m shitting money just coz I treat myself (coz I work hard and I get A grades) but little do they know that I’m struggling with having no real friends around me and that im miserable in my current minimum wage job where people treat you like shit and let you do all the hard work. Heck I didnt even get myself a christmas present! And looks like I wont be able to give myself a birthday present either! Or for the 3rd yr that i have been in the states and started working, I wont be able to take a vacation coz i cant afford it. Looks like im not going to florida this 2014. Oh well…

    I want my life to be better and thats why I’m doing my best in school but I feel like i am in quicksand. One problem after the other its stressing me out.

    Cant even speak as freely as before.

    Its 12 midnight and i have work in 3 hours then i have classes til 10:30pm again. I will be dead tired on wednesday night for sure

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  8. Claiming my free starbucks drink tomorrow. Im gonna get my birthday drink soon. Oh snap im almost 25

    Claiming my free starbucks drink tomorrow. Im gonna get my birthday drink soon. Oh snap im almost 25

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  9. Ang lumabas manginginig… Tapos magiging yelo hahaha @sy_loriel @squiddartha @thegirlfrommanila  harsh temperatures dito. Punyetang wind chill yan hahahaha

    Ang lumabas manginginig… Tapos magiging yelo hahaha @sy_loriel @squiddartha @thegirlfrommanila harsh temperatures dito. Punyetang wind chill yan hahahaha

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